The 10th Wonder Heroes Podcast

The 10th Wonder podcast was the longest running fan-produced podcast for the NBC television series HEROES.

Started in 2006 by hosts Graham Hancock, Tucker Colburn, Derek Russell, and Joe Hummrich, the podcast was active throughout the entire original Heroes series run and released new episodes weekly from 2006 until 2010, ending production after the series finale.

In 2014, the podcast relaunched to discuss the NBC mini-series Heroes: Reborn.

An archive of all original 10th Wonder and Reborn episodes are available on Apple Podcasts.

We would like to thank everyone who listened to the podcast throughout its run, especially those of you who wrote in, left voicemails, sent feedback, and became our friends.

“Ordinary people like you… like me… are capable of extraordinary things.”

Nathan Petrelli