Episode 15: "11:53 to Odessa" - Heroes Reborn

Your intrepid hosts are back to chat about the Heroes Reborn FALL FINALE! You heard that right, the show is officially on hiatus until January 7th 2016, and so this episode had to accomplish a lot of things, the least of which being that it has to hold us all over for several weeks until the show returns for the final three episodes. We share our reactions, observations, and predictions for when the show returns next year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and enjoy!

Episode 13: "June 13th, Part 2" - Heroes Reborn

We're back to discuss the second installment of our two-part saga "June 13th, Part 2", with only five episodes left of our Heroes Reborn "Event Miniseries" we're now firmly in the home stretch, folks! This episode gave us a lot to work with. More than anything it showed us how things lined up in the past by connecting the dots and filling in the blanks, but it also hints that our future and present may have changed either slightly or not-so-slightly. We had a blast discussing this one. Enjoy!

Episode 12: "June 13th, Part 1" - Heroes Reborn

Are you ready for some lengthy discussions about Time Travel? This week's episode of Heroes Reborn was as exciting as it was at times hard to follow, but we feel pretty sure that we're picking up what Kring and Co. are putting down, and as Derek put so aptly last week: "It's bonkers, but we love it." This week we try to unpack what is happening and discuss far-reaching implications of the time-travel action that we are witnessing on the show. Enjoy!

Episode 11: "Game Over" - Heroes Reborn

This week's episode sets us on the course for the rest of the season, we had some amazing reveals, solid confirmations, great character moments and even some darker developments. The bigger picture is starting to get much clearer now. This one was action-packed, drama-packed, and twist-packed. So naturally we couldn't help but chat at length about it with another super-sized episode. Subscribe, share, and send in your theories! We hope you enjoy! 

Episode 10: "The Lion's Den" - Heroes Reborn

This week we discuss the info-packed fifth episode of Heroes Reborn: "The Lion's Den" Derek's back and quickly gives his thoughts on the previous episode. Lots to cover this week for all of our characters and storylines, including our first big peek into the endgame of the entire series. Keep up your amazing e-mails and tweets, and if you are enjoying the podcast tell your friends! Enjoy!