Episode 02: The Aurora

We're back! Graham, Derek and Joe chat about the latest news about NBC's Heroes Reborn mini-series, we also discuss our thoughts about the snazzy 15-second Superbowl teaser "The Aurora" that aired earlier this month. We place our bets on when the show will begin airing, and we also have a few more guesses to throw out there as to who is and isn't involved with the project. Enjoy!

Episode 01: Heroes Reborn

We're back! During the Winter Olympics in February NBC aired this ominous trailer which seems to suggest that Heroes is due to return to the network in the form of an "Event Miniseries" next year. We felt this was cause enough to get the band back together. Derek, Graham and Joe discuss our thoughts about the show's return, the teaser trailer and what's next. We hope you enjoy! It's so good to be back!